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Goose FULL health testing results

The results are in!!
Can Pt’d “GOOSE” Emory Vom Ostenberg CGC (CH Magic Flash RouseCH Magic Flash Rouse x Asisa Von Erster Blick)

OFA Hips Good RO-78781G24M-VPI
OFA Elbows Normal RO-EL12855M24-VPI
Advanced Cardiac (Echo) Normal RO-ACA847/25M-VPI
Eyes Normal RO-EYE2617/26M-PI
Dentition Full RO-DE2014/24M-VPI
Thyroid Normal RO-TH1116/24M-VPI
Patella Normal RO-PA1127/24M/P-VPI
JLPP (POANV) Normal/Clear RO-LPP2108/14M-VPI
Hyperuricosuria (HUU) Normal/Clear
Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) Normal/Clear
Leukoencephalomyelopathy (LEMP) Normal/Clear
Neuroaxonal Dystropy (NAD) Normal/Clear
X-Linked Myotubular Dystrophy (XLMTM) Normal/Clear
Coat Length Normal/Clear/Short
Coat Color Normal Black & Tan
Coat Curl Normal/Clear
Furnishings (wire hair) Normal/Clear
CHIC# 146719


Goose 4 shows WD & BOW

So proud of “Goose” Emory Vom Ostenberg at the Victoria Kennel Club Dog Show last weekend.

Day 1 regular show: 1st in class, Winners Dog & Best of Winners

Day 1 limited working group show: 1st in class, Winners Dog & Best of Winners

Day 2: 1st in class, Winners Dog & Best of Winners

Day 3: 1st in class, Winners Dog & Best of Winners

A huge thank you to Christina Ulberg for her great work handling Goose!

Goose WD, WD, BOS & RWD

So proud of “Goose” Emory Vom Ostenberg at the Mt Cheam Canine Association Dog Show last weekend.

Day 1: 1st in class & Winners Dog

Day 2: 1st in class, Winners Dog & Best Opposite Sex

Day 3: Reserve Winners Dog

A huge thank you to Christina Ulberg for her great work handling Goose!

Rottweiler SAS Research

Blood samples are out!

At the Pacific Coast Rottweiler Performance Club (PCRPC) American Rottweiler Club (ARC) Regional Specialty show in Chehalis, WA we ran a blood drive for Dr. Josh Stern’s research in Rottweiler subaortic stenosis (SAS). Dr. Stern at UC Davis is working on finding the genetic markers for the disease so we can have a simple DNA test when choosing breeding pairs. Currently, our only defense against this horrific disease is to have all breeding dogs echocardiogramed (heart ultrasound) by a board certified cardiologist to look for abnormalities or the presence of a fibrous ridge in the aorta. SAS can and does get missed on ausciltation (listening) only heart clearances. Breeding dogs need to be echocardiogramed to rule out that they are not affected by this disease! Current research is showing that this is most likely a simple recessive trait that with a DNA test can be easily avoided. Dr. Stern needs more samples of normal and affected dogs to complete his research!

Thank you to everyone that donated blood toward Dr. Stern’s Rottweiler SAS Research at the PCRPC ARC Regional Specialty in Chehalis, WA. We collected 11 samples to send off for research!

Thank you Teresa Bradley (Neu-Rodes Rottweilers) for the fabulous idea and reaching out to people to donate. Thank you Christina Ulberg (2Infinity Rottweilers) for providing the purple top tubes. And a huge thank you to Katie Rose Cochran (Liberty Rottweilers) for providing syringes and donating your time and skills as an LVT to draw blood on all of the fabulous rottweilers!!

If anyone is interested in sending blood samples to Dr. Stern’s SAS research, the information is in the photo below. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or need any help!

For additional information about SAS in rottweilers, Diane Richardson (Frontier Rottweilers) has a very comprehensive write up on the subject:


Goose CGC & OFAs

Congratulations Goose on recieving the AKC Canine Good Citzen title! Goose is now officially Emory Vom Ostenberg CGC! Goose is out of our 2017 Magic Flash Rouse x Asisa Von Erster Blick litter and is proving to be exactly what we wanted from this litter!

Goose with his best friend Emma (RIP)

Goose going to visit the Easter Bunny

Another huge Congratulations to Goose on passing all of his OFA health testing!!


Chinook RWB, WB, BOW, BOS

So proud of Chinook in her conformation accomplishments! First in open class all 4 days, Reserve Winners Bitch the first 2 days, Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best Opposite Sex day 3&4! Recieved half the points needed toward her Canadian championship! Thank you Teresa Bradley for your excellent handling!

ARC National Specialty 2019

Congratulations to our young female Echo (Neu-Rodes Find A Porpoise co-owned by Teresa Bradley) for placing 4th in her class at the 2019 American Rottweiler Club National Specialty. Echo was up against a fantastic line-up of young bitches from all over the nation. A special thank you to Judge Sharon Marples for picking out our special girl and thank you Thom Woodard for his expert handling.


While my girl was in the ring, I was busy chairing the ARC National Scent Work competition. Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers that brought this together!